As an AI language model, I don’t have access to real-time information or data about future car models. However, I can mention some general factors to consider when determining the most anticipated car models for any given year:

1. Electric Vehicles (EVs): With the growing trend of electric cars, any upcoming electric models from well-known manufacturers are likely to generate excitement.

2. Hybrid Vehicles: Along with fully electric options, hybrid vehicles that combine both electric and gasoline powertrains are also popular choices.

3. Performance Cars: High-performance models from established brands, such as sports cars or luxury vehicles, are usually highly anticipated by automotive enthusiasts.

4. SUVs and Crossovers: The demand for SUVs and crossovers has been on the rise, so new models or significant updates from popular SUV/crossover ranges could be highly anticipated.

5. Autonomous Vehicles: Although mainstream autonomous vehicles may still be a few years away, any advancements in autonomous or self-driving technology that are announced by manufacturers can generate considerable anticipation.

6. Luxury Cars: Upcoming models or significant updates from luxury brands tend to create a buzz among consumers.

7. Concept Cars: Manufacturers often showcase concept cars that feature cutting-edge technology or innovative designs. These concept cars can generate huge anticipation if they hint at the future direction of the industry.

8. Fuel Cell Vehicles: Although still a niche market, fuel cell vehicles have potential, and any new models or advancements in this technology might be highly anticipated.

9. Green Cars: Environmentally friendly cars with low emissions, such as plug-in hybrids, might attract considerable interest, especially if they come from popular brands.

10. Updates or Refreshes: Highly popular car models that receive significant updates, facelifts, or generations can also generate excitement among fans of those brands or models.

Keep in mind that the anticipation for car models can vary based on regional preferences, market trends, and specific consumer demands. It’s always a good idea to stay updated with automotive news sources for the latest information on anticipated car models for any specific year.

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